John Buchanon: Producer/ Director/ Editor/ Colorist

With over 30 years in the industry, John has done it all.  As he says, “I’ve worked with everyone, from The Rolling Stones to the UK Wildcats!”.

John loves what he does and, while he’s made a reputation in the post production field (editor/colorist),  he continues to  seek out other projects such as directing a six camera live television broadcast each week from Woodmont Church in Nashville, TN.  “There is nothing like the energy of live TV” or creating the bumbling but lovable Park Ranger Dillard for Standing Stone State Park.

Bigscreen Productions is another outlet for John’s creativity. “I have always liked getting out of the edit suite and producing my own projects“.

Bigscreen got its start purely by chance, “my nephew was an assistant basketball coach at Auburn University, Auburn had just purchased video screens for their basketball arena and Coach Weaver came to me for video content.  With our first try, we were a huge success and so Bigscreen, Inc. was born, “Bigscreen Inc. and the crowd goes wild!

Recently Bigscreen branched out to produce commercials, long form and corporate video.  “It’s all been word of mouth business” according to Buchanon, “do good work, that’s the goal, and everything else will take care of itself .

I come from a long line of great storytellers, I just use video to tell mine”.

You’ve got a story, let us help you tell it.